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Suil! Im Amrúniel eston...
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Suil! Im Amrúniel eston...

Guitar or ukelele? Papa says guitar but I dunno, I’m kinda leaning towards the ukelele… x3 #bucketlist

Before going home earlier. That Dad version of Rude was my jam. Lol.

Before going home earlier.

No, really. I’m happy. E-L-E-C-T-R-I-C-I-T-Y…how I’ve missed thee.

I’m sooo happy that we have electricity already — can’t you tell? X3

Reading LOTR: FOTR - Chapter 3 - Three Is Company - Audiobook by PhilsStuffofDoom (re-recorded and remastered in 2014)

Here we go again~

Reading LOTR: FOTR - Chapter 2 - The Shadow Of the Past - Audiobook by PhilsStuffofDoom (re-recorded and remastered in 2014)

If you liked that, check out his own tumblr too!

Reading LOTR: FOTR - Chapter 1 - A Long Expected Party - Audiobook by PhilsStuffofDoom (re-recorded and remastered in 2014)



tom hanks is my favourite human being

Just throwing that out into the Tumblr void.

Look what I got!! I AM IN GEEK HEAVEN EIIII~ ♡ @storyseamstress

So sunny outside. X3

Me BEFORE braving the crowds during Father’s Day to do some grocery shopping. #naive #hopeful #HappyFathersDay

Independence day shopping! Whoops… >3<

"Farewell!" he said to Gandalf. "I go to find the sun!" ~ Legolas Thranduilion (Fellowship of the Ring)

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