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Suil! Im Amrúniel eston...

Movies/Mini-series I Want to Watch (hopefully in the near future)

  1. Snowpiercer 
  2. The Fault in Our Stars
  3. Her
  4. The Great Train Robbery
  5. Divergent
  6. Only Lovers Left Alive
  7. Death Comes to Pemberley
  8. Wolf Children
  9. Rurouni Kenshin: The Legend Ends


  • Perfect for a 2 hour-ish ride home from work, school or wherever.
  • Regular-ish schedule: new episode every Monday.
  • If you like my Tumblr and/or like listening to dudes talking (with an occasional guest) then you’ll like these guys.
  • They have a Facebook page where you can discuss and suggest stuff to them!


  • What cons?


Dear Martin Freeman fans all over the world,
Martin’s birthday is less than a month away.

To show him all the support and love from his fans, we’re preparing a photobook with all your messages, photos, etc for him.
We’ll give the photobook directly to him (hopefully) in London.

Send your wishes and anything you want to tell him.
Send your photos (for example holding a ‘Happy Birthday’ sign).
If you draw, send your fanarts.
Or anything else you’d like him to receive.
Don’t forget to add your name/online nickname (only if you like) and country.
Let’s show him that the entire galaxy loves him! :)

You can write to our mail freemartinis@gmail.com
or send us a DM on tumblr.

We need to receive the material within the 24th of August.
Sorry for the short notice, but one of us will be in London at the beginning of September for Richard III.

We need your help to drown him in a sea of love.
Thanks to y’all, amazing FreeMartinis!!!


"Too many books?" I believe the phrase you’re looking for is "not enough bookshelves".

I still love actual, physical books. I wish a had more money so I could buy them and more space to put them in. 

Your Writing Strength is Imagination

You have an amazing mind, and the things you think up are extremely original.
You love to daydream, and your inner worlds can get quite complex. You see characters and stories very vividly.

You’re the type of person who can write half a novel in your head. You aren’t constrained by reality or expectations.
Anything you write will be unlike what has come before. Even if it’s excellent, it may shock and confuse people at first.

What’s Your Writing Strength?

Blogthings: 100’s of Fun, Free Quizzes!

What I’m currently reading (or re-reading) now. I occasionally make updates on my progress on my goodreads page. :)

These are the books I have read so far this year. Some good, some not so good, some disappointing, and some that turned out not what I expected them to be (in a good way).

If you want to know what I thought about any of these books (or are just curious in general), you can check my goodreads page. :)


Currently Watching:

  1. Graceland - Season 2
  2. The Killing - Season 4
  3. The Legend of Korra - Season 3
  4. Pushing Daisies - Season 1 

Trying/Will Try Out:

  1. Dig - Season 1 airdate: Fall 2014
  2. Fargo - Season 1 
  3. Game of Thrones - Season 1
  4. In the Flesh - Season 1
  5. Legends - Season 1 airdate: 8-13-2014
  6. The Strain - Season 1

Waiting for the Next Season:

  1. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - Season 2 airdate: 9-23-2014
  2. Bones - Season 10 airdate: 9-25-2014 
  3. Castle - Season 7 airdate: 9-29-2014
  4. Criminal Minds - Season 10 airdate: 10-1-2014
  5. Da Vinci’s Demons - Season 3 airdate: 2015
  6. Elementary - Season 3 airdate: 10-30-2014
  7. Hannibal - Season 3 airdate: 2015
  8. The Musketeers - Season 2 airdate: 2015
  9. NCIS - Season 12 airdate: 9-23-2014
  10. Orphan Black - Season 3 airdate: 2015
  11. Penny Dreadful - Season 2 airdate: 2015
  12. Ripper Street - Season 3 airdate: 2015
  13. Scandal - Season 4 airdate: 9-25-2014
  14. Sherlock - Season 4 airdate; 2015/2016
  15. Sleepy Hollow - Season 3 airdate: 9-22-2014
  16. Supernatural - Season 10 airdate: 10-7-2014
  17. Turn - Season 2 airdate: 2015
  18. The Walking Dead - Season 5 airdate: 10-12-2014

Guitar or ukelele? Papa says guitar but I dunno, I’m kinda leaning towards the ukelele… x3 #bucketlist

Before going home earlier. That Dad version of Rude was my jam. Lol.

Before going home earlier.

No, really. I’m happy. E-L-E-C-T-R-I-C-I-T-Y…how I’ve missed thee.

"Farewell!" he said to Gandalf. "I go to find the sun!" ~ Legolas Thranduilion (Fellowship of the Ring)

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